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Is there a teen in your life that's stressed these days?

Are you that teen?

What do teens have to say about the
Strategies for Success program?

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What is Success for Life 101?

It's a series of fun, effective mini videos based on the multiple award-winning 'Strategies for Success" program that was created for a public high school in Rhode Island after the tragic suicide of a student who had been bullied. 


Filled with lessons to empower and inspire teens, this program was recognized both locally and nationally because of the response of the teens who loved and embraced the lessons.

What kind of lessons?  

  • Stress management

  • Learning styles and strategies

  • How to be more positive

  • The power of questions

  • Coping strategies

  • Managing thoughts

  • The power of kindness and giving back

And so much more...

Recognition for the program and the creator Marianne Douglas

  • Teacher of the Year 

  • Teacher of the regional district

  • Outstanding RI Educator

  • Jefferson Award for Public Service

  • National Finalist Cable in the Classroom Leaders in Learning

  • Rhode Island College Alumni Service Award

  • Recipient of a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from the United States Senate

  • Recognized as a "Hero" by the Oprah Winfrey Show

Success for Life 101
is what you're looking for

Teenage Girls with Masks

“The Strategies class changed my life forever.  My behavior has been better toward my parents and I have been doing better in school.”

"We'll still be talking about this program 10 years from now"

“Taking Strategies for Success was one of the best choices I’ve ever made.  Strategies can best be described as more than a class.  It’s more like an opportunity to gain tips and advice that you can use your entire life.”


"Why isn't this program in every high school?"

“I learned how to be a better person.”

Marianne Douglas

 Hi!  I'm Marianne Douglas,
the creator of both programs


Check out my welcome video here to learn more about Success for Life 101

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