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Star Stories

Thank a Shining Star cards have been in existence since December 2011. There are so many stories from people who have received them.  Here are just a few....


She was a waitress at Chili's.  She loved her job, loved talking about her kids.  She wanted to give us her suggestions for her favorites there.  She checked in with us often with a smile on her face telling us to take our time and enjoy.  She told us about the men a few tables away who ordered the wrong salads and proceeded to harass her despite her getting them additional salads.  They were rude to her even though she continued to do whatever they needed.  We gave her a card to thank her.  Her eyes teared up a bit as she said, "You just made my day!"  That made our day!  Thanks!

Seekonk, MA


I travel route 95 in the Northeast regularly for my business and for the theater company I work for.  A year ago I was headed to New York City to perform in Kaleidoscope Theatre's Cinderella's Christmas.  We stopped along 95 in Connecticut on a snowy evening. I was uncertain what to order at the road side stop.  A man behind the counter at a place called CheeseBoy offered me a bit of hot chicken soup while I decided who to order from.  It was homemade and delicious so I ordered a custom grilled cheese from that business.  It was so good and he was so accommodating that I gave him a TASS card.

Flash forward to this year.  I was traveling home from a business conference in Western Connecticut and stopped for something to eat.  I was hoping for a CheeseBoy in this one and luckily there was one.  The young lady who waited on me was so polite, so kind that I gave her a TASS card.  She thanked me and then ran to the back room to show her manager.  A man came out of the back office with a card in his hand, the one I had given him the year before.  He told me that receiving that card changed his life, that he took it with him wherever he went.  He was shocked to see me again since it wasn't even the same location.  Three happy people all because of this one simple act of gratitude.

Barrington, RI

It was a busy flight and the flight attendant had a lot to do, especially dealing with a very negative passenger who kept bothering her and was very rude to her.  He even kept referring to her in negative terms loud enough for everyone to hear.  She kept her cool throughout.  When she came by me, I gave her a card and thanked her for myself and for all the people on the plane who unlike the rude passenger, really appreciated her.  I was one of the last people off the plane because the person I was travelling with needed extra help.  The flight attendant thanked me for the card...said that it really resonated with her after such a difficult flight.  I felt so great that I could recognize her... seemed to make her day.

Deerfield Beach, FL


I was shopping at a Vera Bradley store.  I had something I wanted to find that was difficult to find.  The woman at the door who greeted people went above and beyond to find me what I wanted.  As I was leaving, I gave her a card and thanked her.  She was so surprised!  She reached out and hugged me!  Said that was the best thing that happened to her that day.    

Ft. Myers Beach, FL

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